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Bend Post Bend

Thu, Jun  4, 2009 - By Pete Vordenberg

4 wheel drifters...

Arritola: on a dime with change to spare.

Pat Casey, Chris Grover, Matt Whitcomb: always watching to make sure it is being done right.

Road and trail is where the magic happens: instant feedback, specific feedback, miles and miles of feedback.

Tazlina Mannix leads Morgan Arritola, Liz Stephen and Morgan Smyth on an OD roll by the coast.

Andy Newell and Noah Hoffman on the long road... the best road, the only road... it is called cross country.

Liz Stephen alone to focus.

There is time to relax and just run, check it out, chat...

And there is time where conversation has to wait.  Morgan Arritola and Tazlina Mannix.

There's a little runner in there.

Bend camp is over.

No one wanted to take pictures of surfing, incl me.

I headed up to Seattle right after the camp to visit my 97 year old grandpa.  He was a skier way back when and played a big part in introducing me and the rest of my family to skiing.  He rollerskied even at the age of 93 in his Seattle neighborhood and was still skiing on snow at the age of 95.  He has been a mountaineer most his life as well.  Our lives have both revolved around the mountains, snow and skiing.  While visiting Seattle I had the chance to fly in a glider with my buddy Tony.  This shot is from above (just above) the cascades on our glider trip.

On the way home the van broke down and I am here in Yakima, WA waiting for it to get fixed - two tows and five hours so far and they're still tinkering with it (up to 8+ hours now and still waiting).  I did some work and put these shots up instead of just sitting here getting pissed off.  Grandpa can't get out much at all anymore so this last shot goes out to Grandpa Steve whose eyes light up when we talk about the mountains.


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