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Jenex replaces XL100R with XL98R rollerski

Mon, Apr  27, 2009 - By Len Johnson

For 2009 we have redesigned the XL100R composite ski and call it the XL98R, as it will only be supplied with the 98 mm tires. The shafts have a lighter core and to obtain the best combination of flexural and torsional strength we use both unidirectional and biaxial carbon fiber. To further increase the strength of the composite, the shafts are cured in a high pressure autoclave. The new shafts have good flex characteristics for both light skiers and skiers up to about 87 Kg. (190# ). For skiers over this weight, please contact us for stiffer shafts. A pair of XL98R skis weigh over 300 grams less than the original XL100R. The ultimate skate ski for paved surfaces.

Jenex XL98R skate rollerski


Most roller skis are made of aluminum. It’s a wonderful material and when using shock absorbing pneumatic tires the ride is smooth. Aluminum has a low fatigue resistance so the shaft has to be very stiff and when using solid rubber tires the shafts can produce a rough ride on some surfaces. Composite shafts have high fatigue resistance and can be made to flex so the shaft absorbs some of the road vibration.

Jenex XL98R skate rollerski speed reducerSPEED REDUCERS:

The patented Speed Reducers have been praised by skiers from all over the world. In some locations it would be impossible to roller ski safely without using the Speed Reducers.

The roller arms were recently modified so it is now much easier to engage and disengage the lever. The Speed Reducer has a neutral and four resistance positions.


The XL98R accepts the standard brake used on the XL150 and XL125.


The wheel bolts are custom made in 7075T6 aluminum with an anodic coating. The bolts are strong and 60% lighter than steel. Most other hardware is made of stainless steel.


The two split rims are compressed by four socket screws which engage threaded inserts in the rim and capture the tire.


With the help of a new test machine we were able to develop a better compound. By using this test tool we could precisely measure the abrasion resistance of different blends. We evaluated over 20 different rubber compositions. Some had good abrasion resistance, but were slow and generated too much heat. Others had good rolling characteristics and low heat build up, but poor abrasion resistance. We have never found a reliable abrasion tester so we had to develop our own. The rubber manufacturer was amazed by the simplicity and accuracy of this device and wants one for his own use.

Jenex XL98R skate rollerski split rim and tire


Most of us are not anatomically balanced, so even if the wheels and bindings are perfectly aligned the ski might pull in one direction. This lever makes it very easy align the wheels for proper tracking.

Jenex XL98R skate rollerski ISR internal speed reducerINTERNAL SPEED REDUCER (ISR):

Inside the split rim is a third 22mm pocket that can accept the ISR. The rolling resistance is increased about 15% and the ISR weighs less than 10 grams.


The 98SL uses the same wheels and tires as the XL98R skate ski. The wheels are mounted on an existing aluminum frame which is much less expensive to produce than the composite frame.

The 98SL accepts the same optional Speed Reducers as the XL98R, but due to the older frame construction the brake for this ski is the V2-B100 instead of the XL brake. This is an excellent skate ski at a very attractive price.

List Prices:

V2-XL98R - $329
V2-98SL -  $239
Cost of single replacement wheel - $37
V2-ATR XL100 Speed Reducer - $39 each
V2-ISR Internal Speed Reducer - $9
V2-B100XL Brake - $63