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Wall-mounted Vasa Ergometer much more ski-like

Sun, Jul  8, 2007 - By Mike Muha

Greg and I met to set personal bests on the Vasa Ergometer after I mounted it on the wall. Here's the results:

Personal Bests on Wall- Mounted Vasa Ergometer
as of July 1, 2007 (Best score in bold).
 Level MikeGreg
Fixed Distance Time

100m Doublepole 3 1:16 1:06
100m Single Pole 3 1:24 1:20
Fixed Time Distance
Doublepole - 3 minutes 1 231m 235m
Doublepole - 4 minutes 3 319m -
Single Pole - 4 minutes 1 260m -

So what's the difference between using the Vasa Erg as it ships (horizontally) versus mounting it on the wall? Everything! Our times came down because we could use out abs; the motion felt MUCH more ski-like; we could get our heart rates up higher. And it was easier to see the power meter.

We meet again this coming Thursday, July 12 at 6:30pm if anyone else is in the Wixom, MI area.

Greg doublepoles on the wall-mounted Vasa Ergometer