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Vasa Ergometer moves to the wall: Let the new competition begin

Sun, Jun  24, 2007 - By Mike Muha

Some good improvements on the Vasa Ergometer this past week: I improved my times on 4 out of the 5 tests! Ryan Robinson joined us tonight and posted from pretty good times, especially considering he'd already gone running, rode 10 miles over on his bike, and was feeling under the weather!

Greg Worrel, however, has the honor of being the best on three of the five tests; Hugh Pritchard and I each have one title.

I've been focusing on the upper body quite a bit: Erg, weight room, doublepoling and V2 on rollerskis. Today I did a 2.5 hour classic rollerski with lots of doublepole and kick-doublepole. Tomorrow night I'll be doing some more strength training.

Personal Bests on Vasa Ergometer as of June 21, 2007 (Best score in bold. *indicates improved score)
 Level MikeHughGregYvonRyan
Fixed Distance Time

100m Doublepole - prone 3 1:29* 1:27 1:21 1:33 1:23
100m Doublepole - kneeling 3 1:30* 1:32 1:32* 1:39 1:40
100m Single Pole - prone 3 1:33 1:27 1:32* 1:43 1:34
50m Single Pole recovery - standing 3 :46* :45 :42 :53 :48
Fixed Time Distance
Doublepole - prone, 3 minutes 1 188m* - 190m* 181m -

This coming Thursday, the testing changes and the competition starts anew: I mounted the Vasa Ergometer the wall of my garage. The Erg is great for upper body strength, but the design makes it difficult to utilize the abs. Given that abs initiate the doublepole movement, the ability to incorporate abs makes the exercises more specific.

By mounting the Vasa Ergometer on the wall, we can much more closely replicate the specificity of both doublepoling and single poling.

If you're in the neighborhood, come on over and give it a try!