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New wall mount for Vasa Ergometer

Mon, Apr  13, 2009 - By Rob Sleamaker

Vasa Ergometer wall mount frame
Vasa Ergometer wall mount frame
Vasa Ergometer wall mount frame

I thought you would be interested to see some photos of our prototype for the Vasa Erg with a new wall mount frame.  We will develop this further and production version will be called the Vasa UBE (Upper Body Ergometer).  The vertical frame tubes are made of T-slot 1.5 inch square. The next version will have 2 wall brackets made of sheet metal that connect the 2 vertical frame T-slot tubes and the Erg frame to the wall at the same locations shown in these photos. 

We also will soon prototype independently adjustable brackets that the top Idler pulleys mount to, one for right side and one for left.  They will slide up and down over the vertical frame T-slot tubes.  This feature will allow people to use only one side at a time at variable heights. 

So far, this works really well and the production version will cost a lot less than this prototype made with all T-slot tubes and brackets and hardware. 

The health club, physical therapy and even our consumer markets will like this option.  A consumer who likes to swim, kayak or canoe, XC ski, and does functional training could use it for all those applications very easily.  Plus it will not take much space.

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