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New Team Scoring Method Thoughts

Michigan Cup

Thu, Mar  12, 2009 - By Ed Anderson

A new team scoring system was trialed this year with approval of the Michigan Cup Committee.  Ed Anderson did the research, background, footwork and the weekly results which have been posted on the nordic ski racer website each week. 

This new scoring system is under consideration for replacement of the Brumbaugh Cup which will be awarded by the old scoring system this year.  Please take a moment and give Ed and the Michigan Cup Committee your feedback.  We will be voting on this at the August meeting. 

From my prespective, Ed's system rewards teams with the most best skiers and gives weekly feedback to generate more skier interest, whereas the current Brumbaugh Cup Scoring System waits until the end of the year to determine results.  Ed's system and the Brumbaugh Cup are meant to be in addtion to the Original Michigan Cup Scoring System which will remain the same with a team's top 38 skiers scoring based on end of year standings plus relays.

- Ernie Brumbaugh

The new team scoring strategy was trialed this year with the idea of adding race performance to team participation to establish team winners. Feedback forms will be available at the relays this weekend where you'll have a chance to provide your assessment of this scoring method.  
A reminder of the scoring basics:
    + 14 races were included, 7 classic, 7 freestyle
    + Three divisions were contested: Men < 50, Men >=50 and, Women
    + Skiers were assigned points based on their finish place (1st=1 pt, 2nd=2 pts, etc)
    + Points for the top 5 racers for each team were added, the lowest point total wins
    + Each race had a team winner based on the results of the three divisions
    + Results of each race were rolled up into a "season summary"
Feedback Form ... Available at the Relays
    1. You like the scoring strategy                                Yes / No
    2. If yes, changes you'd like to see (check those that apply):                          
        > None - keep as is                                                
        > Score fewer races
        > Score either classic or, freestyle when they're on the same day
        > Establish a minimum number of total skiers at a race to score  
        > Other??
You can either forward comments to Ed Anderson ( or, if you're going to the relays this weekend, look for the feedback forms and take a minute to fill one out.  Thanks in advance for your support.