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Free Maximal Treadmill Test

Mon, Jul  18, 2005 - By Lexandra Creitz

If you ever wanted to do a maximal treadmill and get a picture of your heart - here is your chance - and no I don't get anything for recruiting people. 

Seeking healthy male and female volunteers between the ages of 30 - 60 with no known heart disease or physical disabilities to participate in a research study of the heart. Volunteers should have a healthy heart: Normal EKG, lipids, and blood pressure, and no chest pains.

Study requirements are the ability to perform treadmill exercise at a moderate to high workload, and 1-2 daytime clinical visits involving treadmill test(s), administration of radiopharmaceuticals (FDA approved), and heart imaging. Benefits include state of the art cardiac imaging and a baseline study for personal records.

For more information and screening, contact James Kritzman at 734-763-4091 or Carol Kruise at 734-936-5387. There is no payment for participating.