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Team NordicSkiRacer Captures VASA Team Win

Michigan Cup

Wed, Feb  18, 2009 - By Ed Anderson

NSR notched their 2nd Team win this past weekend at the 50K Vasa freestyle race with GRNST close behind and HH/CCSS taking 3rd. SS, TNSC and CCSH came in 4th, 5th and 6th, respectively. The 50K Vasa Classic race wasn't scored using the Team Score method due to the low number of skiers (3 women, 18 men).

Team results for the Vasa 50K Freestyle:

      Team     Points  
1st   NSR        35
2nd   GRNST      33
3rd   HH/CCSS    32
4th   SS         28
5th   TNSC       27
6th   CCSH       19

When these results were added to the previous results, HH/CCSS maintains it's lead in all of the divisions as well as the overall. NSR has jumped ahead of GRNST and is now in 2nd place overall by a single point over GRNST (265 vs 264). SS is not far behind in 4th and has a 2 point lead over TNSC (231 vs 229). CCSH remains in 6th with 200 points. Three races remain (Black Mountain 30K Classic, Boyne Mountain 15K Classic, Boyne Mountain 15K Freestyle) and, the final relay race will also be included in the overall team standings.

YEAR TO DATE (after 11 races)

Overall Team Results Division Results

Overall Pts Men < 50 Pts Men >= 50 Pts Women Pts
1st HH/CCSS 345 1st HH/CCSS 126 1st HH/CCSS 112 1st HH/CCSS 107
2nd NSR 265 2nd GRNST 109 2nd NSR 103 2nd SS 100
3rd GRNST 264 3rd TNSC 73 3rd GRNST 84 3rd TNSC 93
4th SS 231 4th CCSH 71 4th SS 77 3rd NSR 88
5th TNSC 229 5th NSR 74 5th CCSH 67 5th GRNST 71
6th CCSH 200 6th SS 54 6th TNSC 63 6th CCSH 8

See the complete team summaries and race details (PDF).

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