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Patterson locks in junior title; HHCCSS leads team standings

Michigan Cup

Fri, Feb  13, 2009 - By Ken Dawson

Neither the loss of job or derailment of the White Pine Stampede could stop me from getting the results up to date.  Even the ridiculous and tedious scoring of the Noque managed to find some closure. Over the last several weeks I have received roster changes, revisions to results and an assortment of other changes which I do truly appreciate.

Your review and input makes the quality and accuracy of these results more meaningful. Please look over the results and get back with me at this new location for any changes. Note the Noque has several scoring options noted in the Micup brochure. Only MI Cup skiers are scored in that race so make sure if you skied the Noque you have points allocated.

The White Pine was scored using the 21K finish and 40K finish for skaters as voted on by the clubs. 

Individual Standings

We have one winner so far in the individual Michigan Cup Series and that honor goes to Kaitlyn Patterson of Cadillac, MI. Her perfect 1000 Pt's. is the first posted for this year. Congratulation Kaitlyn.

Two junior males are tied for second place, and the men's standings are very close. The top 3 in each category:

Junior males:
994 - Brendan Biac, NordicSKiRacer
946 - Ray Innis, Traverse City Junior Nordic
946 - Alex Lance, Traverse City Junior Nordic

Junior females:
1000 - Kaitylin Patterson CCSH
976 - Maria Frick, TCJN
912 - Rachel Swaffer, TCJN

Senior women:
994 - Tracy Hardin, Strait Striders
952 - Amy Todd, GRNST
944 - Gussie Peterson, HHCCSS

Senior men:
994 - Denny Paul, Strait Striders
992 - Cliff Onthank, TNSC
990 - Todd Viglan TNSC

Complete Individual Standings (PDF)

Team Standings

As far as team scores this is the first posting we have had for the year.  Roster updates and skiing the number of required races makes an early season posting seem misleading. But heading into the Vasa there is nothing misleading about the closeness of this years team competition. Looks like the relays at Bob Fryre's will once again determine the winner.  The new start-up team of Traverse City Junior Nordic (TCJN) is trying to be a first year winner.  Here are the standing with Vegas odds on who will win.
Current Standings and odds on who will win:

  1. HH/CCSS - 26,839.  The Hanson Hills relays put them over the top, but Dick Fultz's recruiting tactics won't work.   3:1
  2. TCJN - 26,776.  The Junior Class - Young kids have no stamina - will fold down the stretch.  5:1
  3. CCSH - 25,289.  Home court advantage at relays give them the advantage.  2:1
  4. NSR - 19,575. Lost a lot of skiers from last year but makes due with high number of points per skier participation.  Winners of Brumbaugh Cup looking for repeat.  10:1
  5. SS - 18,075.  Like a great horse they close down the stretch.  6:1
  6. GRNST - 16,547.  A veteran team that lacks the numbers.  20:1
  7. TNSC - 12,687.  A once strong dynasty, they are becoming the Detroit Lions of Micup. 100:1

Ken Dawson
phone: 248-477-4566