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Toko HF Blue in dry conditions

Sat, Feb  14, 2009 - By Cory Wubbels

Report from Boulder Mountain Tour
From Cory Wubbels, Rossignol Team Technician

The 2009 Boulder easily ranks amongst the top 5 best racing conditions I have ever seen, but at 3:00 on Friday there was serious concern floating around Ketchum.  I got a phone call or two regarding forecasts, I spoke to locals who speculated about weather or not it was going to be single digits at the race start or in the twenties, and what that would mean for their wax job. Thankfully I had a good morning of testing.

I tested at Prairie Creek around race time and found that the JetStream Blue was running well despite a roughly 25 degree snow temp.  After loading up the Jeep I was interested in how the skis would run in the warmer snow near the finish so I rolled down 75 and arrived near the finish a bit before noon.  I didn't get an accurate snow temp but it was significantly warmer down there and was much warmer than anything the racers would see during the race, still the JetStream Blue ran favorably.  From what I have seen, as long as you are in the west with dry air, cool evenings, and clean snow the JetStream Blue will be the wax of the day.  At the City Of Lakes Loppet with dirtier more humid "Midwestern conditions" we went with JetStream Red on Bjorn Batdorf's winning boards. 

So, Friday night before this year's Boulder I slept easy knowing that regardless of a 6 or 20 degree start, we would have fast skis.  Congratulations Zach! His races skis had a fine old structure covered with:

  • 1:1 H.F. Blue and H.F. Grey
  • H.F. Blue
  • J.S. Blue