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Friday night Toko Wax clinic at White Pine Stampede

Tue, Feb  3, 2009 - By White Pine Stampede

More snow has fallen, slight warming is expected this weekend then more snow next week.

REMINDERS: A wax clinic is scheduled for Friday night, Feb. 6th, Shanty Creek Summitt Center, Parlour G, from 7-8 pm. Nick Baic and ToKo Wax will conduct the clinic.

ALSO Friday night, Stampede skiers and their party will all be eligible for a pasta special at Shanty Creek Resort's Lakeview dining room. $13.95 for lingini with meat sauce, salad and bread. You must show a Stampede bib but only one bib is needed per party for all to get the special.

Skiers, if for some reason you wish to change your distance event please do so by Thursday at the race office. Changes Friday or Saturday cost $5.00. Register now and avoid the last minute rush.