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Ski grooming woes...

Sat, Jan  31, 2009 - By Missy Luyk

It’s been a winter for the record books! The Leelanau Trail and Vasa Pathway are groomed regularly for cross-country skiing. We suspected early on that with the epic winter conditions, that grooming costs could potentially be on the rise. That suspicion was verified a few weeks ago when both the Leelanau Groomer and the Vasa groomer broke down within days of each other.

We’ve continued grooming the trails with other equipment, but it requires more manpower and energy to complete the trail grooming. Now is a great time to rally and show appreciation for the grooming program and TART. Please consider an additional donation to TART to help offset the cost of the repair and general operations.

There is a donation button right on TART's homepage ( that makes donating to TART really convenient. Thanks for your consideration.