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Potter Smokes Potto...

Fri, Jan  30, 2009 - By John Rutherford

This originally appeard on the MMBA web site...

Jeff Potter (right) wins Potto Raid.
Jeff Potter (right -) wins Potto Raid.
WOW!!! What a cool race. Super Nordic racer Jeff Potter decimated the field to win the 4th annual Potto Raid ski race in 3' 08". Asked how he felt at the finish Jeff replied "drooling and cross eyed". Pretty much sums it up.

Conditions were superb with 4 degree temps on the line. 15 skiers to start. The final pace was blistering. Cybord tri-athlete and mt bike racer Jim James smoked out to a fast lead at the half way point and finished a very strong 2nd. The podium was completed in 3rd by Melzar Kolter who used his extensive Nordic racing experience to rip it.

Melzar commented at the finish "this isn't like most nordic races. I like that". No Melzar, thankfully, Potto Raid isn't like most nordic races. Speedy Ben Caldwell and RadNord duked it out for 4th and 5th with Ben pipping it by 30 seconds with RadNord coming in @ 3' 19" to match his race winning time from last year. Clearly, there were several new speed sheriffs in town and that is totally cool.

Lot's of prizes were handed out courtesy of Aberdeen Bike and "JIFFY" Mixes. Jeff Potter went away with the cheesy  gold medal, a sixer of Hop Slam along with a cool gaiter hat. All skiers said that this is how ski races ought to be for coolness factor. Hopefully, next year we'll see Potto Raid continue to grow in competition and # of skiers. It will be hard to top this years conditions.

Ski you cats next year for the 5th. Later, JR / RadNord

See Jeff's blog entry about the race at Out Your Backdoor. Jeff is founding and occasional member of Team NordicSkiRacer!