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Michigan Cup individual standings through Garland

Fri, Jan  23, 2009 - By Ken Dawson

Here are the current individual standings (PDF) through the Garland Races.  Although team results have not been posted yet, team designations for individuals are listed based on all rosters.

Please verify results and get back with me regarding any changes.

Ken Dawson  Ken.Dawson@BartonMalow.Com

The top three in each division (points, name, team):

Junior Men
790 Micah Norris, TCJN
770 Brendan Baic, NordicSkiRacer
710 Raymond Innis, TCJN

Junior Women
968 Maria Frick, TCJN
856 Brady Brennan, NordicSkiRacer
744 Katie Perkins, TCJN

Senior Women
976 Tracy Hardin, Strait Striders
944 Gussie Peterson, HH/CCSS
940 Amy Todd, Grand Rapids Nordic

Senior Men
989 Cliff Onthank, Traverse Nordic
973 Dell Todd, Dell Grand Rapids Nordic
962 Glenn Goodman, HH/CCSS