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Team NordicSkiRacer Announces Team House Plans

Team News

Tue, Jun  22, 2004 - By Mike Muha

Team today announced plans to purchase a house for the Team to stay during race trips from southeastern Michigan. Central to many races and premier ski trails, this Fredrick, Michigan new construction will have five bedrooms, three baths, a Team family room for viewing the latest race videos and discussing training with guest coaches, and a full size basement waxing room with a hi-tech ventilation system.

The room originally designed to be a den will become a bunk room. The other bedrooms will have combinations of bunks, single beds, or king size beds.

"We searched an extensive area and viewed many homes before we found the perfect house in the perfect location," say Dan Motowski, the Team's Director of Real Estate Development. "Not only is this house close to most of the major Michigan Cup races, it's only a hop, skip and a jump away from early and late season snow in the UP. Best of all, it's only a little over three hours from Detroit, if you drive 80. Maybe 4 hours if you drive slow like Ken Dawson."

Team Caption Mike Muha couldn't be happier. "When Dan brought this house to my attention, I was astounded. This house will fit all our team needs. We're already planning for build ski trails in the wooded area out back in Phase II. These trails will be great for running and bounding in the summer as well. 

The Team has big plans. Says Team Trail Designer Greg Worrel, "During Phase III, we'll also be building and paving 10 km of rollerski trails. This will allow us to have world class training camps all year around, bringing in National or International coaches for a week at a time."

Taking a cue from the Cross Country Ski Headquarters, snow making will be added during Phase IV. "We've already heard from some European teams who are interested in training with us when the snow making is installed," hinted Julie Houle, Director of Public Relations. "I can't say who they are yet - we're still negotiating. There's also been some interest from the World Cup Committee, but we're not sure we want a World Cup event here - it could displace a Michigan Cup event, and we wouldn't want that."

Team Legal Counsel and Finance Director, Frank Nizio, is working on closing the deal. "We have quite a lot of work ahead of us. We'll be raising our annual membership fee to $20: $5 will be used for the Michigan Cup entry fee and the remaining $15 will be used to fund the house. We're starting a membership drive in a couple weeks. To pay cash for this $350,00 house, we'll need to recruit about 23,300 new team members this year. I don't expect this to be a problem and have already arranged bank financing." 

To pay for house maintenance and utilities, team members staying at the house will pay a small fee per night. The house will also be rented during the off season to supplement income.

Skiers interested in joining the team should go to the web site