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Tea and Ski with JoJo Winters

Fri, Jan  2, 2009 - By CXC Skiing

The local Hayward/Seeley/Cable, WI women’s training group, Ski & Tea, joined up with the CXC Women’s Elite Team recently for their third ski clinic in a series of five throughout the fall and winter. This was the first on-snow clinic of the series, led by CXC Elite Team member Jojo Winters. The Ski & Tea ladies convened bright and early at the County OO Birkie trailhead to work on classic and skate technique fundamentals with Ms. Winters. Following introductions over tea, coffee, and holiday cookies, the group got to work on the freshly groomed Birkie trails.

The first half of the clinic focused on classic skiing fundamentals. “Coach” Winters demonstrated a plethora of classic drill progressions for double pole and striding, such as the core-only double pole drill and the shuffle-run striding drill. Following a brief warm-up by the fire in the trailhead warming hut, the ladies switched into skate gear and headed out into the lightly falling snow for skate drills. Ms. Winters worked with Ski & Tea participants on extending glide, transferring weight, and maintaining a forward body position with the V2 technique. Next they hit the hills and focused on V1 technique. The women practiced getting some “air” while skating uphill by adding a bit of hop to their push-off.

Though their muscles were fatigued, spirits were high as the women skied back to the trailhead after four hours of technique work. It was another successful rendezvous between Ski & Tea and CXC women. Thank you to all the participants for your enthusiastic support of the Central Cross Country Elite Women’s Team!

Following are comments from the ladies:

“Hi all!  What a terrific CXC Clinic last weekend!  Thank you JoJo and everyone else who helped with instruction and technique; I feel like I made ENORMOUS strides with my V2, which has been really horrible until now (thank you Bobbi, Juli, Abett, Connie and JoJo)  It was a beautiful, snow filled morning and the enthusiasm of our group is truly incredible!  We are so very lucky to have a wonderful group of elite young women, and the experience and expert advice of so many accomplished skiers working with all of us.  “Believe you can, and you’re half way there!”  Well, I believe I can and am enjoying the work of “getting there” - wherever that may be!  See you on the ski trail and Happy New Year to all of you! “

”I thought the clinic was a great success.   I am so impressed with all the CXC gals -- they're an amazing group. I hope they all make the Olympic Team!! They are definitely spreading the cross-country joy more than any other group of elite skiers I've been around.”