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Weekend race wax recommendations

Fri, Dec  26, 2008 - By Mike Muha

Wax recommendations, updated and amended as needed, so check back!

Day   Race   Wax Recommendations
Dec 27   Holiday Classic
  Fast Wax   Solda   Swix   Toko
Dec 28   Holiday Sprint Freestyle
  Fast Wax   Solda   Swix   Toko

Want other recommendations?

  • Get the weather forecast for the Boyne Valley Lodge (site of both races)
  • Use the weather info and receive expert advice from one of the wax wizards:
Fast wax waxmaster   Solda wax maestro   Swix wax wizard  
Fast Wax WaxMaster   Solda Wax Maestro   Swix Wax Wizard
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Solda Wax recommendation (Bert Hinkley):

Start with skis that have fairly short contact zones and aggressive base structure. Enhance the base structure with a linear rill on top of interupted structure using Toko Structure-Rite tool. I like to do this after waxing.

I'll let you call the kick wax. Probably a klister or klister cushion with soft "hard wax". Maybe zero skis if you have them.

For glide wax I would make sure the ski base is clean and start with SOLDA F31 Yellow, scraped and brushed. Follow with SODLA F40 Yellow. Top coat with SOLDA Fluor 100. Sprinkle the powder in an even layer on the whole base. Very carefully iron with a hot iron. SOLDA recommends 130-140 C (265-285 F). Take about 7-8 seconds to do the length of the ski from tip to tale. Set the ski aside to cool and do the other ski. Follow up with polishing the base with a cork and then a felt polishing brush. The last step is brush well with a horse hair bursh. Now apply the structure and brush again.