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A Michigan Cup scoring proposal

Thu, Dec  18, 2008 - By Ed Anderson

Every year we seem to modify the formula for determining the overall Michigan Cup Team award. One year it appears to be strongly supportive of performance based results and then it is modified to reflect participation results. Our current system tries to combine both results and participation; however, last year we initiated the Brumbaugh Cup which in essence was based on another way of determining team performance. The good news is everyone is passionate enough about our sport and the Michigan Cup to keep looking for ways to improve it, increase participation and create team camaraderie.

In thinking about this, I very simply propose that for the Michigan Cup this year, we trial a scoring system that's exactly the same as what's currently used at any xc running meet. This system doesn't replace our current system and, long term may or may not replace the Brumbaugh Cup. Where we go with this will depend on the feedback we get at the end of the year.

In essence, each race will be scored like a xc running meet w/ points awarded for the finish position of the top 5 skiers for each team in each of three divisions:

  • Men's open (<50)
  • Men's master's (> 50)
  • Women's open

The lowest collective score for each division will be declared the "Division Team Winners" for that race. Seven classic races and seven freestyle races will be scored in this way and will be combined with the end of season relay race results to determine the three Division Team Champions.

Cris Jones & I will be working with Ken Dawson to do the scoring and will post these team results with the current system postings. Scoring details and designated races are documented in the companion article "Michigan Cup Team Points proposal".

Whether or not this creates more team excitement is yet to be seen. All I'd ask is to keep an open mind, give it a try and, let's see how it works. This is only a TRIAL.