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Sun, Dec  7, 2008 - By Bob Wick

It’s year end and folks are reviewing what kind of year it’s been. Many are prepping for taxes and planning their year end philanthropy. At TART Trails, year end is the most important time of the year to be remembered by our friends. Huge thanks to those who have already supported TART Trails this holiday season.
“What can I do?” you just asked yourself.  Please, talk TART with your friends and neighbors as much as you can in the next few weeks. The new Boardman Lake Trail Bridge spanning the Boardman River, TART’s biking, walking, running and skiing advocacy, the Grand Vision, trail grooming, Leelanau Trail improvements, new cross town routes, Smart Commute Week and Safe Routes to School are all great things.

TART is a non-profit supported solely by donations is another good point. “If you use the trail or just appreciate the preserved green space, support the trail by giving to TART.”
“What else can I do?” you ask. You can include TART in your own year end gift plans. Our web site is handy for that at . Or look around on your desk, I’ll bet a TART year end appeal letter with a return envelope is there somewhere. You are always welcome to call or visit the office too!
Henry Ford is quoted, “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are right.” Now is the most important time in the year to help with fund-raising at TART. We can’t change the economy, politics, car companies, healthcare reform or even how Hillary, Bill or George are doing. We can take care of business at home. It’s been a great year for TART and next year promises to be even better.

Happy and safe holidays from all of us at TART Trails!

Appreciatively yours,
Bob W.

Bob Wick, Director of Development

TART Trails, Inc.
Office: 415 S. Union Street, 2nd Floor

Traverse City, MI 49684
Mail: PO Box 252, Traverse City, MI 49685