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Thanksgiving update

Kris Freeman

Thu, Nov  27, 2008 - By Zach Caldwell

All of us Americans in Kuusamo seem peripherally aware that it’s Thanksgiving today. Happy Thanksgiving! Kris celebrated with about a six K pace session. This is a little harder than the easy activation intervals he’s been doing, but it’s also his first on-snow classic intensity of the season, and it’s a good idea to feel the tough Kuusamo course at pace.

The pace session went well. It’s hard to know what to look for - there were people all over the course, and a lot of them were doing their own intensity sessions today. Kris went by some of them, and a few came by him - mostly Russians doing 30 second sprints. With so many people moving so many different speeds it’s hard to say anything in relative terms. In absolute terms - comparing Kris to Kris - I would say that he was solid and energetic. He was a gear short of what’s required for a podium, but then, it’s Thursday before a Sunday race. We’ll see on Sunday!

Kris Freeman

The picture above is from Gallivare. It’s one of about five pictures I’ve taken over here. My intentions are good - I have been meaning to take a lot of pictures. But anything that’s not a priority tends to get pushed aside here. Maybe I’ll remember my camera during the races on the weekend.