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XC Oregon Program Benefits Skiers & Supporters

Tue, May  24, 2005 - By JD Downing

For the first time, skiers and interested contributors outside of our target demographic range can be directly involved with XC Oregon activities year-round. The "Friends Of XC Oregon" program has been created as a unique effort to meet two primary goals for all involved.

1.) Provide financial backing for XC Oregon athletes and team activities;

2.) Provide "real world" benefits to individuals contributing to the program, including training materials, personalized training/fitness help, a full VO2max/lactate zone physiology test, and many other benefits.

We are very excited about this new program and invite any interested individual to contact XC Oregon for more information!

Who are "Friends Of XC Oregon"?

Individuals involved in the "Friends" program are asked to make a minimum contribution of $1000.00(US) each ski year (June 1 - May 31). Each contributor then receives a package of benefits (listed below) in return. Benefits schedule applied concurrent with XC Oregon fiscal years (June 1 - May 31)

Because this is a non-profit contribution/benefit program and not a professional coaching service, XC Oregon is limiting the "Friends" program to no more than 15 contributors annually. Individuals wishing to contribute less than the minimum amount are, of course, welcome to do so at any time with full tax benefits...but will not be considered part of the "Friends" program.

"Friends" interested in specific benefits not automatically included on the benefit schedule can simply increase contributions to the program in order to expand benefits offered.

Better still, all contributions less the monetary value of goods and services received are tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and deductible for federal income tax purposes. Memberships support the annual operations of XC Oregon including specific programs for our national/international level athletes.

Benefits for our Friends!

Note: The most immediate benefit is indeed the tax-deductible element to a portion of all XC Oregon contributions. The amount of deduction is directly porportional to the specific benefits enjoyed by each contributor. For example, Friend "A" may wish to simply make a blanket contribution with only periodic updates on team activities and perhaps a short Bend on-snow visit featuring some skiing with XC Oregon atheletes. Alternatively, Friend "B" may wish to take full advantage of personalize training help and maintain regular contact with our staff/athletes both in-person and via email/phone. In the former example, Friend "A" would receive a larger tax-deduction since the monetary value of goods/services would be very small. In the latter example, Friend "B" would receive a smaller tax-deduction...but significantly more in the way of valued goods/services. The exact situation with each contributor will be different.

Friends of XC Oregon can enjoy any or all of the following:

  • Training Communications: Included in XC Oregon associate member seasonal training plan broadcast emails, included in the private "Friends of XC Oregon" on-line forum, and also receive copies of printed XC Oregon training materials.  
  • Personalized Training/Fitness Help: Provided with a prearranged amount of one-one-one time (on-line, via phone, and in-person) for development of personal training/fitness regimen. Typical amount of one-on-one time would involve 2-3 private meetings per year (with staff or athletes), weekly or monthly email "check-in's" (amount depending on amount of time required in response), and inclusion in all special XC Oregon lectures throughout the year. One-on-one time can be increased with contributions beyond minimum request.

Note: Contributors wishing to take advantage of personalized training help are REQUIRED to arrange the following sometime during every ski year.:

  • A full VO2max/lactate zone physiology test with Central Oregon Community College or other lab recognized by XC Oregon staff...and...
  • A personal "camp" visit to Bend or other XC Oregon team/camp opportunity at least once during every ski year. Personal camps subject to availability of team staff/athletes and local area restrictions on personal coaching/teaching.

Note: Lab tests and personal camps not part of a regularly scheduled Oregon Spring or Fall Camp will likely involve extra fees. Participants in the "Friends" program also will be responsible for all fixed participation costs if attending scheduled Oregon camps. At higher contribution levels, expenses/fees may be reduced or waived.

  • "At Home" Camp: We also strongly suggest contributors living outside the greater Central Oregon area arrange at least one site visit to their primary living location(s) by an XC Oregon representative within the first 12 months of training help being provided. At minimum contribution level, all XC Oregon expenses/fees involved in an "at home" visit to be paid or arranged by the contributor. At higher contribution levels, expenses/fees may be reduced or waived.

On-site visits to contributor's home can be expanded to include unlimited number of guests selected by contributor (in effect creating your own private training camp with your buddies invited). Additional expenses/fees may apply for each additional person.

  • Open invitation to join XC Oregon athletes in Central Oregon and other year-round team camp training situations (both dryland and on-snow).  
  • At minimum contribution level, opportunity to purchase XC Oregon uniform and outerwear at cost. Currently this cost is $130US for race suit. At higher contribution levels, expenses/fees for team clothing may be reduced or waived.  
  • Depending on interest within the Friends family, XC Oregon will also offer one trip per year to an attractive ski location or event fully supported by staff/athletes for the benefit of all Friends contributors. At a minimum contribution level, all expenses/fees for this special trip to be paid by the contributor. At higher contribution levels, expenses/fees may be reduced or waived.

Contributions above minimum may be eligible to have elements and events within the XC Oregon program named after individuals, businesses, organizations, etc.. For example, the annual "John Smith Rock Timetrial", specific travel grants for athletes, or annual XC Oregon summer/fall fellowships for visiting collegiate skiers. Various contribution levels apply.

For more info and to sign-Up: Email: jd at Call: (541) 317.0217 Write: XC Oregon 55 SW Gleneagles Way Bend, OR 97702