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Team NSR Celebrates the Cup!

Sun, May  22, 2005 - By Mike Muha

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Pictures from the Party!
A happy group of Team teammates and their families gathered at Ken and Karen Dawson's house last night to celebrate the Team's narrow victory for the 2005 Michigan Cup.

The center of attraction? The updated Michigan Cup Trophy! John Stoy figured out a way to attach the silver trophy to the wooden base, so the Michigan Cup is now one piece instead of two. One of the highlights of the evening occurred when every team member pulled a card from a deck placed in the Michigan Cup Trophy for rights to take it home. Aaron Tarnow took the honors with an ace of hearts, followed by Doug Heady and Lexanne Creitz - and that's as far as my memory goes down the list. The Cup will be transferred from team member to team member for the rest of the season until we have to turn it over to the 2006 winners of the Michigan Cup.

Of course, the team hopes it'll be us again!

Partiers brought food to pass and grill - and there was lots of beer! Ken and Karen probably have enough food left over to feed everyone again!

A couple people had car key problems. Aaron Tarnow loaned his keys to one of the kids to play with, then couldn't find them. Everyone looked for them until Ryan Robinson came clean: He'd asked the child if HE could play with the keys and pocketed them knowing Aaron would need them.

Not to be outdone, Yvon Dufour lost HIS keys, only to find out that his son had them in his packet ("I have them Dad!").

 Ryan Robinson volunteered to have the next party. Was that a true invitation or just the beer talking????