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Salomon heal-toe camber for classic ski

Fri, Oct  17, 2008 - By Salomon

[Marketing from Salomon, but an interesting read. - Mike] 

In 2007, Salomon introduced a classic ski design that received worldwide acclaim due to its ingenious Heel Toe camber. The Heel Toe camber resulted in outstanding performances across the globe.

The key feature of Heel Toe camber is the skis ability to sense where a skier's weight is applied, and not simply how much weight is applied. This ingenious technology has allowed many long times skaters to enjoy classic technique for the first time ever. The consistent and reliable kick benefits everyone from first time classic skiers to the elite Saab Salomon Factory Team classic specialists, who swept the 2008 US SuperTour Nationals.

Here is how it works:

When a classic skier is in the glide phase his/her body weight is on the forward ski, and the weight is greatly concentrated over his/her heel. Even when this ski has the skier's maximum weight applied at the heel, the ski's camber remains off the snow, thus enabling the skier to maintain a long fast glide without drag. To initiate a kick, a skier starts shifting his/her weight forward, from the heel toward his/her toes; when the ski senses the forward shift in weight its camber (kick zone) closes, allowing for an easy and solid kick.


Salomon Classic cross country skis

Salomon's entire classic ski line utilizes the Heel Toe camber. The Equipe 10 warm has the high heel toe camber for dedicated racers using klister. The Equipe 10 cold has a medium camber for dedicated racers using hardwax, Equipe 9 uses a low camber for intermediate racers and the Equipe 8 uses our lowest Heel Toe camber for beginning classic racers.

By creating the Heel Toe camber and the different camber heights for the different ski models, Salomon is able to offer every skier a perfect ski fit with great glide and bomber kick. You no longer need be a World Cup athlete or Birkie Champion to enjoy each classical day.

Local  ski shops carrying Salomon skis (they also do mail order):