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Marquette bike survey

Tue, Sep  16, 2008 - By Jenny Ryan

Below is a survey being put out by the City of Marquette and Jenny Ryan. Can you take a minute and respond to this bikability in the Marquette area. Can you please respond by 09/30. Thanks.

Bicycling Survey

The City of Marquette has put together a committee to look into how well Marquette is set up to handle bicycle traffic. We would like input from you on your experience with riding around the City of Marquette. Please take time to answer the following questions. We plan on using this information to help determine if any problems exist.

1) Destination – When you ride into the City of Marquette, what location(s) do you ride too?


2) Routes – When riding to your destinations, what routes do you normally take?

3) Obstacles – Do you encounter any obstacles/hazards that make your commute more difficult?

4) Do you know of any other communities that have an effective system in place for handling bicycle traffic?


Jenny Ryan
402 E. College Ave, Marquette, MI, 49855