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The Simple Life of a Cross Country Ski Racer in Ohio

Michigan Cup

Wed, Sep  3, 2008 - By Mike Muha

Kelly Mikolajczyk, a Michigan Cup cross country skierMichigan Cup racer Kelly Mikolajczyk has started a blog to chronicle "the adventures of a female cross country ski racer who lives and trains in the Cleveland Ohio area." Kelly juggles training with work as an estate caretaker which has it's own physical demands - and the two are often intertwined.

Says Kelly:

I live and train with a 7yr old golden retriever named Briggs. I wasn't born with skis on my feet and I didn't start skiing until my mid 20's. I finished 2nd overall in my first race (a 12k freestyle) but I was 40 minutes behind the first place woman. Nothing to brag about. I've kept at it to varying degrees the past ten years and my results have steadily improved. While I am trying to be more ski-focused in my training, I have to juggle it with a full time job, a dog, family and friends. This is how I do it...

She already has four entries combining training log with observations of life, work, training, and racing.

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