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Student cross country skiers train in Duluth


Tue, Aug  12, 2008 - By Josh Zenner

We're months away from the cross country ski season, but that doesn't stop local racers from training. Student athletes are using all Duluth has to offer to make themselves better skiers.  "Yeah it's pretty difficult I mean it's as hard as you make it, but they like to crack the whip," said Central senior Sophie LaFond.  She and about 30 other nordic skiers work out at Park Point beach every Tuesday.  They're apart of a high school training program put on by the Duluth Cross Country Ski Club. 

One of the coaches said the goal of the program is to show the kids Duluth is their own gymnasium.  "The whole city has plenty of trail plenty of water plenty of ways to enjoy a fitness type life style, really healthy life style," said coach Anders Osthus.  They work out six times a week at six different locations.

See the rest of the story on the WDIO-DT web site, along with video of the club training .