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Whistler Olympic Park Bounding

Kris Freeman

Fri, Jul  25, 2008 - By Zach Caldwell

Kris Freeman hill boundingKris and Dan hit the Olympic Red Course at WOP today for natural bounding intervals. The red course is the 5K designed primarily for classic skiing, and the guys ran it with poles, bounding the uphills and taking active recovery at a pace slightly below threshold on the downs and flats. They did two complete laps, plus the first two K or so of uphill to the high point of the course for a third time. Hard going in the heat of the day.

Intensity camp is going well. Today was the second of four hard sessions, and so far Kris has been feeling good and performing well. We don’t have any previous benchmarks on these workouts, so it’s hard to compare in absolute terms. But I’ve seen Kris do a lot of hard training and racing, and I’d say he’s got very good fitness right now. It will be interesting to see whether he can build fitness through the camp and capitalize on the intensity with a good increase in capacity. That’s the model we’re looking for. So far so good, but the real test of the concept behind this year’s training plan is yet to come…

Kris Freeman hill bounding


Kris Freeman hill bounding


Kris Freeman hill bounding


Reprinted with permission from the Kris Freeman website at Copyright © Zach Caldwell and Kris Freeman

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