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Ryanman 3 on July 12

Tue, Jul  1, 2008 - By Mike Muha

NordicSkiRacer Ryan Robinson is having his third annual Ryanman “fun” half Ironman triathlon and – better still – post event party at his house on Saturday July 12, starting at 11:00am.

The Ryanman consists of a 1.1 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, a 13.3 mile run, and a great party. You may do all, some, or part of a leg, or just come to the party. The 11:00am start time is designed so that by the time we finish, it will be party time!

Last year, three people did the swim, 5-6 people did all or part of the bike, and a couple dozen people ran at least one 5K loop. NordicSkiRacer Spencer Ruffner was the only other participant besides Ryan to finish the entire distance. I did the bike and one 5K running loop. (This year, I’ll be attempting the entire event).

Meet at Ryan’s house in West Bloomfield before 11:00am. We’ll walk down to Darb Lake where Ryan will have a multilap out-and-back swim course marked. The swim will take around 45 minutes or so. We’ll then walk back to Ryan’s house, get into bike clothes and head out into suburbia for the ride. Biking will take us west of Milford, around the GM proving grounds. Last year, it also included a couple laps around Orchard Lake.

Regrouping back at the ranch about 3 hours later, Ryan will have a multiple-lap running course set up. People can run as many or as few miles as they want. Every lap begins and ends at the Robinson house.

Ryan has been slacking in his training this summer, so if you want to take advantage of him, now’s the time!

Party starts at 6-ish. Potluck. Bring a swimsuit and jump in the Robinson pool. Kids welcome.

Contact me for directions to Ryan's.

See you there!