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Finances cause NTN staff cut

Thu, Jun  19, 2008 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

The NTN Board of Directors have decided to make some changes in our administration to provide better operations efficiency. Susan Brian has been laid off beginning in June, while the Board re-assesses our finances over the summer. In the interim, we will be an all volunteer organization which can be contacted through the website at or by phone at 1-906-235-6861, and we will get back to you.

The current project we are working on is an ice cream booth at the Food Fest over the 4th of July.. We need scooping volunteers to make this successful. If you can possibiliy help out at the Food Fest, please e-mail Derek Anderson at or call 906-249-8979 if you are willing to volunteer.

We depend on you, our members, for your donations, physical labor, and volunteer time. This is your trails organization and we will keep you informed of any future changes. If you have questions, please contact us.

Sincerely, NTN Board of Directors
Craig Stien, President
Lyle Vanderschaaf, Vice-President
Cary Gottlieb, Treasurer
Laurie Neldberg-Weesen, Secretary
Derek Anderson
Tom Asmus
Mike Brunet
Don Hurst
Matt Koss
Bob Mahaney
Jon Mommaerts
Mike Sauer
John Sonderegger
Jim Steward
John Swanberg