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Photos from the 2008 Junior Olympics

Mon, Mar  24, 2008 - By Joanne and John Kostrzewa

Here are some pictures of Great Lakes Division skiers from the 2008 Junior Olympics in Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska. They start with a few shots from Earth Quake Park. The tall buildings were the view from our Hotel.

The first set of ski pics were from the Monday, 3/10/08 - Classic Sprints. Most of ths Skate pics were from Wednesday, 3/12/08 on a tough little uphill section just outside of the Stadium.

The Mountain under the dark clouds was a unique shot of Mount Mckinley in the early Morning. All the other mountain scenes were from our drive along The Turnagain Arm - (One of Americas most Scenic Drives) - On the Seward Highway - S. of Anchorage.

The group shots (in street clothes) were taken in front of the Portage Glacier.

The Mass Start pictures were from Fridays classic race where they used a chevron start formation. 

2008 Junior Olympics in Kincaid Park in Anchorage, Alaska

Photos by Joanne and John Kostrzewa