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It's Michigan Cup Relay time!

Thu, Mar  13, 2008 - By Mike Muha

Relay teams consist of three skiers skiing one classical leg (1st) and two freestyle legs (2nd and 3rd). Relays count for team points only. There will be no individual points awarded for skiers participating on relay teams.

There are three gender categories for relay teams - Men, Women and Coed. Coed teams must include at least one women and one man.

There are four age groups for relay teams, determined by the total age of all three participants on the relay team: 0-59, 60-119, 120-164, and 165 & over.

Thus there are twelve divisions in which relay teams can be entered - Men 59 and Under, Men 60-119, Men 120 - 164, Men 165& Over, and so on - as shown below:

Twelve Relay Divisions:
Add the ages of the team members to determine division
Men Women Coed

59 and Under 59 and Under 59 and Under

60-119 60-119 60-119

120-164 120-164 120-164

165 and Over 165 and Over 165 and Over

Scoring begins with 400 points for first place in each of the nine relay divisions. Scoring for subsequent places will take place by the following formula: The number of teams in that division will be divided into 500 giving the number of points that each subsequent place will receive. For example: a division with two teams will be scored (400/2 = 200), 1st = 400, 2nd = 200. A division with 20 teams will be scored (400/20 = 20), 1st = 400, 2nd = 480, 20th = 20.

Where fractions occur the number will be to rounded up if the decimal is 0.50 or higher and down is the decimal is below 0.50. for example 49.57 would be 50 and 49.49995 would be 49. There may be a small discrepancy in the number of points for last place based on removing the decimal.