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World Master Report - Day 3

Wed, Mar  5, 2008 - By Ken Dawson

The highlight of Day 3 was the performance of David MacLean.  For every Michigan Cup skier we have been a witness to David’s flawless technique.  On most days he seems to be on a different planet than most of us. 

David was obviously focused for the World Master’s this year and the only question was how his performance would match up with the best skiers in the country and the world. Day 1 for David did not go well, yet he still had a smile on his face and cheered on all the others.  It is symbolic of the atmosphere that is prevalent everywhere at the World Masters and can be witnessed from all the photographs.  

It is David’s humble personality and friendly nature that has us all pull a little more for him to do well.  On today’s 10K Freestyle race David was in the top 4 skiers for much of the race and he held off to take an incredible 3rd place finish.  It was his best World Masters finish and he certainly represented the Michigan Cup not only in performance but with class and dignity.  

The Dawson's: Natalie, Karen, Ken  
The Dawson's: Natalie, Karen, Ken 

All of the Michigan Cup skiers, here in McCall, competed in either the 10K Freestyle or Classic Races on Monday and had great performances.  The conditions were excellent and some of the faster skiers did the course in 23 minutes.  Check out all the results on the World Masters website.  Tuesday, March 4 is a rest day for all the skiers.  Races resume with relays to be held on Wednesday, March 5.    

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