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E-mail Huron Meadows your support

Thu, Feb  28, 2008 - By Ken Roth

Many of you already know about the fantastic skiing we have enjoyed this winter at Huron Meadows Metropark. Daily grooming and separate skating areas are just a couple of the fine accomplishments achieved there this year.

However, if we wish to continue enjoying these excellent conditions, we have to show our support.

Huron Meadows is part of the wider Metro Park authority. Therefore, they have to account for their activity to administrators. In order to maintain the level of intensity which they have shown this year, and in order to improve their skiing offerings next year, the Park needs to show management results.

This is best done by letting Metro Park management know you've skied the Park. If you want to continue to see great grooming, and other improvements, please e-mail Adam Havberkorn at and let him know you've used the park.

If you can just send an e-mail after each use that says you used the park today and appreciate the work they're doing, that will go a long way toward ensuring we have great skiing here. Of course, if you want to add additional thoughts feel free to do so. If you've already used the park this season please send them an e-mail and let them know.

Grooming isn't free and park management needs to prioritize their budget. If they don't think people are using a service that's costing them money, then the service will disappear. With everyone's help, we can keep great skiing right here in S.E. Michigan, and look for even better things in the future.

Please send your e-mails to

Thanks for your help.
Ken Roth