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With 220 inches of snow, Great Bear Chase ready

Fri, Feb  29, 2008 - By Dave Mayo-Kiely

With less than two weeks to go until the 28th Annual River Valley State Bank Great Bear Chase, race preparation is in high gear. The course itself is in great shape thanks to more than 220 inches of snow this year and the 30+ inches that are on the ground. Local road crews are ready to do the unthinkable in winter, put snow onto roadways. In the wee hours of Sunday March 9, they will begin moving snow onto road crossings and 5th street to ensure a truly unique experience, skiing down the streets of Calumet.

Copper Island XC Ski Club
River Valley State Bank

Building on the success of last year’s finish in historic downtown Calumet, this year’s start will also take place in downtown Calumet. Racers will begin by literally chasing the Bear(s) along the course as it makes its way through Calumet’s historic buildings. The first 500 meters will be a controlled start, similar to many bike races, then it’s a mad dash to climb the sledding hill before winding your way through the Swedetown Ski Trails. Plentiful snow and no major warm-ups have created ideal conditions at Swedetown right now.

Registration is still open for the 50K Freestyle and 25K Freestyle and Classic events. Mail-in forms are available at or skiers can register online at . Attracting over 500 racers last year, the River Valley State Bank Great Bear Chase is one of the largest ski races in the Midwest with skiers young and not as young taking part.

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