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Lamplight Loppet Time Trial at Huron Meadows

Fri, Feb  15, 2008 - By Mike Muha

Team NordicSkiRacer had a hastily organized time trial on Wednesday night at Huron Meadows Metropark near Brighton, Michigan. Officially starting at 6:30pm, several skiers arrived early and raced early. That allowed a couple of us to do the time trial twice.

Attempts to go fast without a headlamp proved futile: the tracks seem to disappear at night when going fast down a hill! Straights and uphills were not a problem.

Next week, if the snow holds, we'll do a freestyle time trial on the skating trails at Huron Meadows on Wednesday night. 

Name Time Trial 1 Time Trial 2
Mike Muha 0:11:09 0:11:24
Dave Fanslow 0:11:01 0:12:03
Doug Heady 0:11:48  
Joann Cavaletto 0:15:00  
Hugh Pritchard 0:11:44  
Steve Kuhl 0:10:30  
Tim Feldkamp 0:12:43  
Julie Pritchard 0:13:52  
Greg Worrell New to trail, got lost in the dark…