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Traps along Noquemanon Trail

Wed, Feb  6, 2008 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

Attention all Skiers! A person or persons have set live traps along the Noquemanon Trail from the 12KM Powerline all the way to the CR 510 Trailhead!

The traps along the Noquemanon Trail are legal, as the land where they are located is part of CFR (Commercial Forest Recreation) Land. Hunters and trappers CAN legally place traps along the Trail.

These are steel traps, which could cause minor injury to a dog. Owners can protect their dog by controlling where they go, particularly at the 12km mark, along the powerline, and also by the 15km mark. The trapper is using skunk essence, so if you smell the skunk scent, that should be a warning to control your dog so they don’t investigate the scent.

If your dog does get caught in a trap, you can release your dog from the trap by using the lever/spring to open the jaws. You want to make sure your dog stays calm as they could sprain their leg. These recommendations were made by the Wildlife Biologist at the Michigan DNR office.

The NTN will be posting notes by these traps asking that the trapper possibly move them further back from the trail corridor. We are hoping they will cooperate.