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Shortened White Pine will count for MI Cup points

Thu, Jan  31, 2008 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

y now I assume that you have all heard that the White Pine Stampede has been shortened to 10K - one mass start at 11 AM.  There will be no age group designation or 20K - 50K splits in results.  I did talk with the White Pine and they are planning to have times recorded.  One list of results will be available for scoring it as a Michigan Cup race.  This list of results is all that is needed to score it as a Michigan Cup race.

Precedence is to count every Mi Cup race as run unless conditions are so bad as to be considered dangerous.  Even though the White Pine will be shortened it would still count as a Michigan Cup race.

The only issue is that it is no longer a marathon and should not count in the comined standings at the end of the year as a marathon.  Only the Noquemanon and Vasa would count in those standing.

The field for the WPS will likely be large which will result in some skiers dropping off the back and not receiving points, but that happens in other large races like the Vasa now.

We plan to still count the WPS in the Great Lakes Marathon Series, otherwise it would be too easy to qualify for a pin.