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MI Cup Team Time Trial likely

Thu, Jan  10, 2008 - By Justin Andre, Hanson Hills

Attention all MI-CUP Skiers; We will be making our final decision on Friday January 11, 2008 to whether or not to hold the Michigan Cup Team Time Trials. Our trail system has held up rather well considering the warm rainy conditions. We are hoping that with a couple of inches of fresh snow and some cooler weather that we will still be able to hold this first time Michigan Cup Event. We will keep the trails closed until this wet snow freezes up so that it may hold up to Skier traffic. Butch was out on the trail system this morning evaluating the damage, he is optimistic that with a couple of inches of new snow we will be able to hold a quality event.

Hanson Hills Nordic Ski TrailsCourse Description: Prior to the warm/wet spell, we were planning on using the Yellow and Brown Trail to host the 5K course. Now we are hoping to use the Brown and the Blue Trail. Starting at the intersection of the Red, Yellow, Brown, Blue and Easy-Return, you will hopefully ski the Brown backwards to the Blue trail, then ski the Blue back to the original starting intersection. This is the game plan as of now.

Race Format: This is a 3 person team time trial. Each Member will ski a timed loop between the time of 10:00am and 12:00pm. It is a relaxed start, skiers will check in at the line, give their name/number and officials will start and record time of departure and return. (Remember you may ski at anytime that you wish between 10am and 12pm.)

All 3 individual times will be combined to create your Team Combined Time. Awards will be given to the top 3 teams in each Men, Women and Co-Ed division. MI-CUP Points will be awarded based on the combined three person team time ranking in each division. Points are determined by dividing 200 by the number of teams in each division. If there are 10 teams in men's then the point division is 200/10 = 20. 1st = 200, 2nd = 180 .... 10th = 20.

Thank you for your cooperation and hopefully we will see you on SATURDAY!!