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Brennan, Frick, Maclean and Hardin lead MI Cup

Thu, Jan  10, 2008 - By Ken Dawson

Here are the Michigan Cup individual results (PDF) through the Boyne Classic. It does not include team results because I have only two rosters so far.

Mac Brennan and Maria Frick lead the Junior standings; David Maclean and Tracy Hardin top the senior division.

The junior results include scores for women who did the 6k freestyle at Nobs and the men who did the 11k.  Since the juniors split the races not all juniors were able to score.  The junior race for Nobs was the 11k but most of the girls did the 6k so I scored that as well.

At the Boyne Classic I scored the Junior 5k.  Only one Jr. male did the 10k and therefore he did not score micup pts.

All the teams need to get their rosters in this week.

Send team rosters, questions, or updates to me at Ken.Dawson@BartonMalow.Com.

--Ken Dawson