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Michigan Cup announces Team Time Trial and Brumbaugh Cup

Mon, Dec  10, 2007 - By Ernie Brumbaugh

Snow, snow and more snow - Let's hope it stays around this year.

Just a reminder that Michigan Cup rosters are due in Jan 1 with a check for $6/skier. The roster should be sent to both Ken Dawson and Carole Mueller-Brumbaugh. I think Ken would accept an email copy, but Carole would like a paper copy with check for the records. Ken is the scorekeeper and Carole is the Treasurer. We need the name, birth date and address of each skier. Carole's address is:

Carole Mueller-Brumbaugh
11029 Crooked Lake Rd
Rockford, MI 49341.

Skiers can be added to the list until Jan 31, 2008.

Two new things for this year:

Jan 12 - Michigan Cup Training Day at Hanson Hills. The idea is to get as many Michigan Cup skiers together for a low key training day, have fun, etc. But to ensure a bunch show up there, this is a TEAM POINTS Event. The event is organized as a 5K Time Trail to be skied at the skiers pleasure - start whenever you want and either time yourself or timing will be provided. Then Team Captains can make up 3 person teams to count for points like the relays based on cumulative time of the three people on each team.

The Brumbaugh Cup. At the August meeting there was much discussion on Team Scoring - Large vs. Small Teams, etc. The Michigan Cup remains the same and the top 38 skiers are scored from each team with additional skiers receiving 1 point per race. However, a second team placing system was voted on to be tried this year in additional to the Michigan Cup. I was elected to develop a scoring plan to reflect team strength - which team has the most fastest skiers. It was to be called the Brumbaugh Cup for lack of a better title.

[Editor's note: What really happened was that Bob Frye of the Cross Country Ski Headquarters suggested the name; it was immediately, enthusistically and unanimously accepted by the Michigan Cup Committee. --Mike Muha].

I propose the following Power Rankings; the Michigan Cup Committee can decided later if these are appropriate. For this year the ranking would be compiled based on the following points system.

  1. Top three age group placings
  2. Overall Male and Female
  3. Top twenty Senior Men placings
  4. Top ten Senior Women, Junior Men and Junior Women Placing.

A formal set of rules and history over the last three years is attached below. Again, this is instituted on a trial basis and can be evaluated after the 2008 ski season. It does not replace the traditional Michigan Cup scoring system and is not intended to do that.

Looking forward to a great ski season. Any questions, input please let me/us know


Michigan Cup Brumbaugh Cup Proposal