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Applying Fast Wax Slick Pro Speed Paste

Fast Wax Tip

Thu, Jan  8, 2009 - By Dan Meyer

FastWax Slick Pro Speed Paste combines the simplicity of paste wax with the performance of fluorinated temperature-specific hot wax. A great training wax for the days when there's no time to hot wax, and a paste wax you can race on. FastWax Slick Pro Speed Paste cross country ski wax

Slick Pro Speed Paste comes in four temperature ranges:

  • Green: 5 to 15F
  • Blue: 12 to 28F
  • Red: 22 to 32F
  • Yellow: 30 to 50F

Each 60 gram tin will wax at least 30 pairs of skis.

Slick Pro is durable from 15 to 55+ K depending on application & conditions. it can also be roto-brushed on for high volume performance waxing.


Slick Pro Speed Paste is easy to apply:

  1. Open the pop-up tin and rub a light layer of Slick Pro on the ski with the enclosed foam applicator.
  2. Allow to dry for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Buff in with the Fast Wax Speed Block (Fluoro Pad heat generator). Vigorous buffing will create the highest thermal bonding for long-lasting durability.
  4. Brush out with a horsehair (preferred) or nylon brush.


Watch the video (9.5 Mb) of Fast Wax founder, Dan Meyer, applying SlickPro to the ski base. (The video was produced by Bruce Adelsman of

No iron...No scraping...No mess...Use it anywhere...done in minutes.


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FastWax cross couttry ski racing wax

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