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Flatbeiner skied at a torrid pace

Mon, Oct  27, 2003

Temps in the forties, like wind from WNW, V2 Aeros the roller of choice for the day. Lead pack was Greg Worsnop, Don Camp and Steve Smigiel having dropped in succession Carl Scharphorn, Bob West and Dan Dubes.   Camp was somewhat hampered by a flat tire and having had to wait for Bob West to catch up probably expended to much energy catching Greg and Steve.  Dubes was impressive two years ago skiing the Super Flatbeiner with no previous time on rollers that year.  This year proved to be another story, keeping up with the torrid pace proved to much after the turn around and the last quarter was grueling.   Loppers included Ian Kennedy, met by wife at 22 miles, Pete D'Arienzo, skied 39 miles, and Ernie Brumbaugh, skied 39 miles.

The Hart Montague Trail is one of the first rails to trails pathways paved and it is narrow by todays standards.  This makes the snowmobile damage all the more bothersome.  The first two miles are getting pretty rough.  My V2 840's were vibrating mightly.  Didn't seem to bother the V2 Aeros though.  Competition was concluded with burrito eating in Whitehall.

Next seesion is the Super Flatbeiner Nov 9, 9AM at the trail head off the Marne Exit on I96.  Or conversely, start in Muskegon and come East.  Wind usually blows fromthe West so the Marne start is preferred.  Remember you don't have to do it all.  As Peter Johnson says, "Hey, two hours out, two hours back, that's good enough for me."  Nor do you have to stay withthe lead pack.  As Bob West said,  "There used to be more slower roller skiers.  It was more fun then."  So come on out and get your season going early.  Besides Randy Bladel might allow us to delight in one of his swan dives again.

Smigielism #34:  It's all Birkie Training!

-Ernie Brumbaugh