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Valley Spur Receives Noquemanon Trails Network support

Fri, Nov  2, 2007 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

Please help the Noquemanon Trails Network welcome the Friends of Valley Spur (FVS) to the NTN’s family of trails!!

The NTN is in the process of assisting the Friends of Valley Spur in signing a 10 year special use permit with the US Forest Service (USDA) to manage the Valley Spur trail corridor! The Valley Spur trails were in danger of losing their funding through the federal government. The NTN is providing the FVS with infrastructure, insurance and even some new equipment for grooming. Don’t worry, the FVS chiefs,,,, such as David Worel and Larry Treul will continue to man the trails, groom them pretty-much every day, and oversee all that happens at Valley Spur. The NTN will provide more exposure for them, and hopefully more support for their trails!

So, what are the new membership options? The NTN X-C Membership now has an “add-on” option for an additional $40 for an individual. (Just $1 more per kilometer) and you can support the groomed ski trail efforts throughout Marquette and Alger County! The list of trails includes: Valley Spur, Saux Head, Big Bay Pathway, Noquemanon Trail, Forestville Loops, Al Quaal & Cedar Hurst Trails. Don’t forget, they have that great little warming shelter for a fun outing!

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