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Go Faster Demo Center announced for southern Wisconson

Thu, Nov  1, 2007 - By Joseph Gollinger

Go Faster boot/binding system for cross country skisThe Bicycle Doctor Nordic Ski Shop in Dousman, Wisconsin will be an official Demo Center for the new cutting edge Go Faster ski skating boot and binding system for the southern Wisconsin region this winter.

"We know that Go Faster is a completely new system from the ground up and we want skiers to be able to test them in real on-snow conditions," said Joe Gollinger, Chi-Town Sports owner and distributor of Go Faster. "Tom Klein's shop was the perfect choice for the first Go Faster Demo Center with his enthusiasm and reputation and the proximity of Lapham Peak's man-made snow trail. We'll have a complete selection of boot and binding sizes on hand for people to try."

Ever wonder how skate skiing boots got to be the way they are? Simply, they evolved out of classic boots. With the advent of boot/binding systems and synthetic skis in the mid '70s racers found they could skate effectively. Boots continued to evolve for skating becoming more rigid as they did. But, they all retained the classic boot feature of pivoting at the toe. This is not the best point for skating thrust. This is where Go Faster is a radical departure. Among its other features, the Go Faster system puts the thrust point at the metatarsus, the ball of the foot where it should be and the boot remains rigid resulting in more power and less fatigue. That's worth switching systems for. Go Faster is also priced competitively with other current top-of-the-line boot/binding systems. Click to learn more.