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ABR Trails adds 13 Km of cross country ski trails

Thu, Nov  8, 2007 - By ABR Trails

ABR Trails has just completed 13 km of new trails and refinement of some of the existing. This winter you can enjoy 55 kilometers (34+ miles) of groomed trails spread over 1,000 acres, complemented by an expanded ski shop, an expanded warming cabin with additional seating and restrooms, a sun deck to the south of the cabin with benches and 2 new ski-in cabins for lodging on the trails.

The new land was a combination of purchasing land and leasing neighboring lands to the south along the Montreal River. Hautanen Highlands, Coyote Canyon, Bear Bait and Wolf Tracks are the four new trails to the south.The new trails to the south include some classic only trails and some Pisten Bully wider combination trails. The terrain is intermediate with some beautiful bluffs overlooking the Montreal River Valley. The new trails are quite spread out on the land so when you are out there you have a chance to see some wildlife and not as many skiers.

New ABR Trails cross country ski trail map
Click to enlarge ski trail map

The Sunrise Trail is an extension of the Sunset Trail with beginner terrain and follows the Montreal River before returning to the highlands of the Sunset Trail.

The Peltonen Pass and Popple Plunge received a complete facelift and were re-designed into a 5.5 km trail that climbs the famous Birdhouse Hill Ridge 3 times and goes up and down and around some beautiful bluffs and large Oak Trees. The trail does not have any flats except for a bit of run out on the hills. The downhills are banked and curvy, the uphills do not have any off cambers. The trail has only 2 trail crossings where the Hemlock trail crosses. This Trail should provide excellent training for technique and conditioning. It was designed by Eric Anderson, Ken Hazel and Kevin Balduc and is named "Peltonen Pass-Out" and is a true Black Diamond Trail.

The flat sections of the Popple Plunge and Peltonen Pass were combined into a easy loop called Popple Flats.