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Pretty Good

Kris Freeman

Tue, Sep  25, 2007 - By Zach Caldwell

Well, Kris is now the second-fastest guy on record up mt Moosilauke. Except that he’s not on-record. He’d have to show-up when Ruff and Cami are actually timing the event in order to go on-record. And that may be on the agenda for this Fall, now that he’s come within 19 seconds of Marc Gilbertson’s record from Oct of ‘98 with a 35:42. Kris wanted to go back next week, now that he’s seen the course, and take another shot at it. But Moosilauke is not what he’s training for.

Sensations today were generally positive. Kris is having a hard time hurting himself, and his heart rate is still not peaking out terribly high (in the 170s), but he was, at least, able to elevate his HR relatively quickly, and he was going pretty fast doing it.

Kris’s big regret from today’s effort is that he may have gotten a bit complacent. Brayton started a minute ahead of him, and Kris caught him seven or eight minutes into the test. Brayton was having a terrible day and ran at least two minutes slower than expectation. But Kris didn’t know that, and he didn’t know the climb very well (he hiked it a week ago to check it out), so he figured he was doing pretty well when he blew by Brayt. Wrong. He WAS doing well, but as I figured, Marc’s time was legitimately good.

I know that Kris is disapointed not to have set a record. I’m satisfied with the effort, and especially with the sensations. Kris is starting to feel better with each of these hard sessions, and that’s an important thing as he’s holding the systemic load quite low. This week amounted to only 21.5 hours. I’m increasingly confident that things are right on track. After this week Kris has a brief recovery block, followed by another intensity focus during the USST camp in Lake Placid. My prediction is that we’ll see some records fall in Late October, weather allowing. On the agenda: Sunapee and Moosilauke.

Reprinted with permission from the Kris Freeman website at Copyright © Zach Caldwell and Kris Freeman

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