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NordicSkiRacer Robinson 12th Overall at State Tri Championships

Mon, Sep  24, 2007 - By Mike Muha

It was in the 30's over night, but that did not stop NordicSkiRacer Ryan Robinson and friend Mike Kotajarvi from racing in the Michigan Triathlon Championships at Pontiac Lake on September 16. Fortunately, the skies were bright and sunny, there was no wind, and temps warmed to the low 40's for the start of the mile swim.

Both Ryan and bike finished the swim, but a number of other swimmers had to be pulled from the cool water by officials.

The temperatures continued to increase, but it was still cool for the 40K bike ride. The route "featured' several 180-degree turn-arounds, and covered fairly hilly terrain.

The 10K run was partially on pved road, partially on dirt road. By the time the run segment took place, the weather was beautiful. The majority of athletes commented that they could feel their feet (from the cold) until halfway into the run!

Robinson finished 12th overall in 2:23:23:

  • Mile Swim - 31:43 (74th, 2:07 pace)
  • Transition - 2:26
  • 40K Road Bike - 1:06:26 (8th, 22.0 mph pace)
  • Transition - 1:22
  • 10K Run - 41:27 (8th, 6:41 pace)

Kotajari finished 112th overall in 3:01:33:

  • Mile Swim - 40:43 (133th, 2:43 pace)
  • Transition - 5:03
  • 40K Road Bike - 1:16:31 (82th, 19.1 mph pace)
  • Transition - 1:33
  • 10K Run - 57:45 (98th, 9:18 pace)

Captioned photos here, which include a few tri-tips...

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