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92 hours in 20 Days

Kris Freeman

Mon, Sep  10, 2007 - By Kris Freeman

[Thanks to Zach Caldwell of Caldwell Sport Specialities - Engineered Tuning for allowing me to republish content from the Kris Freeman web site. The website is operated and maintained by Zach with the authorization of Kris. - Mike Muha]

The following is a summary of my training from my last block. This was the biggest daily average of training I have ever done. The first six days were much smaller than the last two weeks where I trained 69 hours. Here are some clarified terms that I use in my log.

  • Double Pole- just what it says, no striding, no double pole w/ kick, only upper body
  • Classic- includes all classic technique, striding, kick w/poles and of course double poling
  • Run w/ Poles- on these workouts I bound or ski walk up every incline using my poles. I carry them on downhills and flats
  • Kayak- I use a carbon/kevlar downriver boat with a carbon wing paddle. This equipment is made to go fast in straight lines. Its like a timetrial bike for the water.

8/14 AM 3.5 hour double pole

8/15 AM 5 hour mountain run with Justin

8/16 AM 3 hour skate
PM 1 hour kayak

8/17 AM 3 hour classic
PM 1 hour run

8/18 AM 2 hour run w/ MT Sunapee Timetrial, ran 20:44 (new PR and course record)
PM attended friend’s wedding

8/19 AM 3.5 hour double pole
PM 1 hour run

8/20 AM 6 hour skate

8/21 AM 6 hour classic

8/22 AM 3.5 hour run (27 miles)
PM 1.5 hour kayak

8/23 AM 3 hour double pole
PM 1.5 hour run w/poles

8/24 AM 2 hour skate w/ :54 minute continuous Level 3/Level 4 intensity with Zach
PM 2 hour Mountain Bike w/ Zach on single track, Zach was sprinting

8/25 AM 3 hour skate
PM 1.5 hour kayak

8/26 AM 6 hour classic

8/27 AM 1.5 hour double pole
PM 3 hour mountain run

8/27 AM 3 Hour run w/poles on ski and snowmobile trails

8/28 AM 2.25 skate w/ :55 minute continuous Level 3/Level 4 intensity
PM 2.25 Mountain Bike

8/29 AM 3 hour classic
PM 1.5 hour kayak

8/30 AM 6 hour skate

9/01 AM 6 hour double pole

9/02 AM 4.5 hour classic

Reprinted with permission from the Kris Freeman website at Copyright © Zach Caldwell and Kris Freeman

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