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Motioneering Sponsors Team NordicSkiRacer

Fri, Dec  10, 2004 - By Mike Muha

Team will be sponsored by and partner with Doug Garfield and his company Motioneering this season. The company has a notable line of products designed specifically for the Nordic skier, including:

  • The New Steady Ski for Nordic Athletes,” a book on balance, stabilization, and strength related to Nordic skiing,
  • Armit: Power for Poling,” a set of elastic resistance cords and a training protocol to help develop poling power, and
  • “RepMotions: The science of enhancing progressive-resistance training,” Doug’s newest book that takes the reader deep into the strength training concepts that are briefly described in the other two products.

Garfield will provide members of the team with discounts off his entire line of products and has provided key team members with each of his products.

Says Mike Muha, Team captain,

A substantial part of our Thursday Night Team NSR Strength Training Sessions use concepts or exercises from Doug's books. Some of our skiers have also used drills from  "The New Steady Ski" to greatly enhance their balance on skis. Now that team members will have easier access to the source materials, I expect us to utilize Doug's products to an even greater extent, particular "Armit."

Retail pricing for Doug's products can be found at A pro-form order form with the special team pricing for paid members of Team can be obtained my sending an e-mail to Mike Muha.