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CXC Birkie Summer Cap at Telemark

Tue, Jul  10, 2007 - By CXC Skiing

Middle/High School through Master Skiers plus Regional Development Groups will join for 4 days of technique training July 30th – August 2nd with a special 2 day introductory Youth Camp.

Central Cross Country Ski Association with the support of the American Birkebeiner is pleased to announce the 2007 CXC/Birkie Big Summer Camp at Telemark Resort. This camp is open to all levels of XC skiers; Middle/High School through Masters. This year’s Camp will also act as an extension to the just completed 2007 Regional Development Group Camp for Regional Development Group and State Development Group athletes with an emphasis on technique. Additionally a 2day introductory camp for youth skiers ages 9-12 will be included.

The goal of the entire camp will be technique development in small groups and individual video analysis for instant feedback.

“We have gained a lot of new knowledge in the field of cross country ski technique in the last two years with our CXC Ski Team and by working closely with the US Ski Team coaches. We also understand that personal attention and feedback are critical components in technique development. This camp is the best opportunity for athletes at every level to improve their technique. Small groups separated by ability level with a special Masters group will be a very effective tool and method to improve technical skills” commented Yuriy Gusev, CXC Skiing Chief Executive Officer.

CXC Team, CXC Junior Development, Regional Elite, MN/WI/MI State Development Groups at the Cresthill Resort Camp in July, 2007

“This isn’t a one-day project. It’s not like building something where you put the final brick up and it’s done. It’s never really done and when you aren’t working on it it’s actually getting worse. Technique, fitness, cross country ski racing is 99.9% process and .1% standing on the podium.” Pete Vordenberg, US Ski Team Head Coach during the July RDG camp.


Camp will take place on July 30th - August 2nd at Telemark Resort, Cable, WI. Lodging and food Lodging will be at Telemark Lodge-four per room with all meals provided.


During the camp athletes will perform the following specific activities:

  • Classic technique (diagonal stride, double pole, kick double pole and dryland drills)
  • Skate technique (V1, V2, V2 alternate and dryland drills)
  • Video analysis


  • Bryan Fish (CXC Ski Team – Olympic Development Program Head Coach)
  • Bill Pierce (CXC Junior Development Program Head Coach)
  • Yuriy Gusev (CXC CEO and Sports Science/Education Director)
  • Scott Wilson (CXC COO and RDG Coach)
  • Abby Larson (2006 Olympic Team and Subaru Factory Team member)
  • Kristina Owen (CXC Ski Team – Olympic Development Program member)
  • Garrott Kuzzy (CXC Ski Team – Olympic Development Program member)

Abby Larson racing at 2006 Olympic Games in Torino, Italy


Day 1 (Monday 7/30) 10:00am to Noon - Check in (registration at Telemark Resort, Cable, WI) Noon - Lunch on your own 1.00pm - Classic rollerski technique assessment 3.00pm - Skate rollerski technique assessment 5.30pm - Dinner 6.30pm - “Improving Your Technique” seminar (Presenter - Bryan Fish, CXC Ski Team Head Coach) 7.30pm - Free time

Day 2 (Tuesday 7/31) 7.30am - Warm up run and stretching 8.30am - Breakfast 9.30am – Classic technique sessions 12.00pm - Lunch 1.30pm - Classic technique sessions 4.30pm - Open swim 5.30pm - Dinner 6.30pm - “Nutrition for Nordic Skiing” (Presenter - Abby Larson, 2006 Olympic Team member and professional nutritionist) 7.30pm - Free time

Day 3 (Wednesday 8/1) 7.30am - Warm up run and stretching & J3/J4 participants check in 8.30am - Breakfast 10.00am - Skate technique sessions 12.00pm - Lunch 3.00pm - Skate technique sessions 5.00pm - Picnic/Barbeque/ Water Skiing at Lake Owen picnic ground 8.00pm - Free time

Day 4 (Thursday 8/2) 7.30am - Warm up run and stretching 8.30am - Breakfast 10.00am - Technique video taping 12.00pm - Lunch 1.00pm – Technique video analysis 3.30pm - Departure

Cost: $295.00 – Open Category $455.00 – Master Skiers (two per room) $295.00 – State Development Group & Midwest/Great Lakes Junior Olympic Teams members $295.00 – Regional Elite Group $150.00 – J3/J4 2 day camp

Each participant will receive a custom t-shirt, the new US Ski Team Cross Country Technique Progression CD-ROM and CXC Training DVD “Wake Up. It’s time to train!” ($100 value)

Entry Deadline Thursday July 26.Entry available on line at , through a link at , or mail in with downloadable form at

What to Bring:

  • Plenty of clean warm weather training clothes
  • Swimming suits
  • Cap
  • Sunblock and bug repellant
  • Roller skis (can be provided on advance request), poles, boots, gloves
  • Helmets
  • Running shoes
  • Light weight rain gear

Water Polo tournament during July camp. WI high school skiers vs. MN

Matt Whitcomb, US Ski Team coach, explaining technique drill

Criteria for Regional Elite Group and State Development Groups is available at